Ellipsometer Woolam

  • Sergio Bloch (Manager)

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    Manufacturer and model:

    J.A. Woollam Co., Inc Spectroscopic Ellipsometers M-2000D.

    The M-2000 is most commonly used to measure thin film thickness and optical constants. It is sensitive to less than a monolayer of material (sub-nm) on a surface and yet can determine thickness for transparent films up to tens of microns.

    Wavelength Range: 193-1000nm, 500 wavelengths.

    Angle Range:
    Fixed Angle 65˚.
    Horz. Auto Angle 45 ˚- 90˚.
    Vert. Auto Angle 20 ˚- 90˚.

    System Overview:
    Patented rotating compensator ellipsometry, simultaneous CCD detection of all wavelengths, flexible system integration.

    Data Acquisition Rate:
    Data collected 20 times per second. For optimal signal-to-noise, typical measurement times for full spectrum is between 0.5 and 5 seconds.

    Engineering Cleanroom, Wolfson building of Electrical Engineering.


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