E-Beam Lithography Raith 150 Ⅱ

  • Inna Shechtman (Operator)

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    Electron beam lithography is a specialized technique for creating the extremely fine patterns, much smaller than can be seen by the naked eye. The EBL technique consists of scanning a beam of electrons across a surface covered with a resist film sensitive to those electrons, thus depositing energy in the desired pattern in the resist film. The EBL technique is capable of very high resolution and it can work with a variety of materials and an almost infinite number of patterns.
    Ultra-high-resolution Electron Beam Lithography.
    Automated waferscale e-beam writing.
    30 KV exposure and imaging.
    Thermal shield.
    Unique split room setup.
    The RAITH150 two can expose structures smaller than 5 nm and works with sample sizes from a few mm up to 8-inch wafers.
    Nano center building.


    NameRAITH150 TWO Nanofabrication.
    ManufacturersRaith Nanofabrication


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