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    Malvern - Zetasizer nano Z.

    The Zetasizer Nano series has been designed with you and your requirements in mind. Zetasizer Nano measuring capabilities include size, zeta potential, and molecular weight measurements of colloidal solutions.

    Zetasizer Nano is regarded by the world’s top universities and research centers as a reliable system that gives consistent and reliable performance in a wide range of applications.

    For colloid, nanoparticle, and macromolecule characterization the Malvern zeta sizer Nano z system is a reliable, extremely user-friendly, highly sensitive analytical tool suitable for every laboratory involved in the characterization of nanoparticles, colloidal dispersions, polymer, and protein solutions.


    Parameter measured

    Temperature control range: 0˚C to 90˚C +/- 0.1˚C.
    Condensation control: Purge using dry air.
    Standard laser: 4mW, 633nm.
    Correlator: 25ns to 8000s, max 4000 channels.

    Absolute sensitivity (Toluene kcps): 150.
    Range (Maximum diameter): 0.3nm - 10 microns.
    Min sample volume: 12µL.
    Min concentration, protein: 0.1mg/ml 15kDa protein.
    Min concentration, forward angle: 10mg/ml 66kDa protein.
    Max concentration: 40% w/v.
    Measurement angles: 13˚ + 173˚.
    Zeta potential

    Sensitivity: 10mg/mL 66kDa protein.
    Zeta potential range: > +/- 500mV.
    Mobility range: > +/- 20µ.cm/V.s.
    Maximum sample concentration: 40% w/v.
    Maximum sample volume (using diffusion barrier): 12µL.
    Maximum sample conductivity: 200mS/cm.
    Signal processing: M3-PALS.
    Molecular weight

    Molecular weight range (estimated from DLS): Molecular weight range (Debye plot):


    Glove box lab, Nano center building.


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