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  • Nikole Gorokhovsky (Manager)

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    Rame-Hart model 400.

    The Model 400 Goniometer / Tensiometer with Wafer Support has been designed uniquely for the semiconductor industry. This model includes the standard 3-axis leveling specimen stage, as well as the 21-inch-long bench.

    This system also includes an 8" (200 mm) diameter rotating wafer support. Model 400 includes DROPimage Pro software - capable of measuring contact angle, surface energy, surface tension and interfacial tension. The DROPimage Pro software measures contact angle including time depended on measurements.

    Model 400 also includes a suite of surface energy tools including: the Acid-Base Tool, the Surface Energy Tool, the Work of Adhesion Tool, Zisman's Plot Tool, the Solid-Liquid-Liquid Surface Energy Tool, and the One-Liquid SE Tool.

    There is also a Surface Tension Tool that is used to measure the surface tension and interfacial tension of liquids. The Manual Tilting Base option can also be added for measuring advancing and receding angles, determining roll-off angle, and calculating contact angle hysteresis.

    Software included with system: DROPimage Pro.
    Static contact angle measurement range: 0-180˚.
    Contact angle accuracy: +/-0.1˚.
    Contact angle resolution: +/-0.1˚.
    Continuous contact angle reporting: YES.
    Number of surface energy tools: 8.
    Surface tension and interfacial tension: YES.
    Surface tension measurement range: 0.01-2500 mN/m.
    Surface tension accuracy: +/-0.01 mN/m.
    Supports automated dispensing system: YES.
    Data exchange (textual and graphic) with other windows programs: YES.
    Number of video windows: one.
    Supported version of Microsoft windows: 7,8 or 10.

    Glove box lab, Nano center building.


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