Confocal Microscope Olympus LEXT 4000

  • Erez Benjamin (Manager)University Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Tel Aviv University

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    Manufacturer and model:
    Olympus OLS 4000 LEXT.

    Confocal Microscope for measurements of surface roughness, film thickness and wafer stress analysis.

    Z minimum resolution: 10 nm.
    X-Y minimum resolution: 120 nm.
    Measurements: surface roughness, line roughness, profile, step, angles, distance, areas and Area/Volume.
    Displays 3D images of the sample.
    Confocal 2D images, laser confocal images, and color confocal images.
    Differential interference Contrast (DIC).
    Film thickness.
    Particle count.
    Filter options help correct for noise, surface tilt, surface curvature or roughness.
    Intensity data exported in .cvs file format.
    Data can be saved in Excel file.
    Max sample diameter: 6 inch.
    Maximum sample thickness: 10 cm.
    Maximum sample weight: 1 kg.

    Engineering Cleanroom, Wolfson building of Electrical Engineering.


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