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  • Inna Shechtman (Manager)

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    BENEQ TFS 200.

    Atomic layer deposition is a chemical gas phase thin film deposition method based on sequential, self-saturating surface reactions. Using ALD, compared to sputter or evaporation, enables ultra fine thickness-controlled growth of the desired material by alternatively pulsing the source gases.

    For growth of thin conformal layers with thickness control down to atomic precision (~ 3Å).

    Pt, AlN, Al2O3, TaN, TiN, ZnO, TiO2, Ta2O5, HfO2 .

    Up to 6‘’ wafers.
    Load lock.
    Precursors Ti, Al, Pt, Hf, Zn, Ta.
    Plasma gases Ar, O2, N2, NH3, H2.
    Typical deposition rate: 1 Å/cycle for Al2O3 and 0.5 Å/cycle for TiO2.

    Clean Room, Nano center building.


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